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Odor Control Products
BG-Clean 1103L N E

BG-Clean 1103L N E

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Powder based odor control product that neutralizes organic based odors from a wide variety of sources. Version N is the regular verion, L helps liquefy, and E helps speed biodegradation.

Ordering Information: For quantities larger than what is listed, please call 855-428-2436 for a quote.  Appropriate sales tax and shipping charges will be added to the order.

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Fish & Wastewater Odor RemoverProduct Details: BG-Clean™ 1103 offers and effective and economical solution to organic based odor problems without merely masking them. Its powerful formulation of strong oxidizing agents and protein-based encapsulating materials actually bond odor causing gases such a H2S within organic molecules. The effect of this is that the pollutants are no longer airborne and thus cannot be detected.  

BG-Clean™ 1103 - The new approach to odor control that turns a stinky problem, such as fish odor into a positive solution for the user and the environment.

BG-Clean™ 1103 offers significant advantages compared to other odor products including:

  • BG-Clean™ 1103 can be used to eliminate fish odor and odors from: Sewage lagoons, waste treatment facilities, landfills, self contained toilets, garbage containers, compost sites, storage tanks, etc. . .
  • BG-Clean™ 1103 is fast acting and easy to apply.
  • BG-Clean™ 1103 will help to enhance and speed the biodegradation process.
  • BG-Clean™ 1103 comes in three different formulations including a general purpose formula 1103N, a liquefying version 1103L and a bioenhancing version 1103E.
  • BG-Clean™ 1103 is safe to store, handle, and use and is 100% biodegradable.

Product Application: BG-Clean™ 1103 comes in three different formulations including a general purpose formula 1103N, a biodegradation enhancing version 1103E, and a liquefying version 1103L. Application for each of these is determined by the usage situation and the version being used.

When applying BG-Clean™ 1103N and 1103E, mix 1 pound of product per 5 to 10 gallons of water and spray onto the offending surfaces. For large scale applications a metering system may be used. BG-Clean™ 1103L should be applied in its dry form for liquefying purposes. This can be accomplished with a venturi or by hand.

For each version an initial application for control is advised followed by maintenance applications as needed. Consult your distributor for advice.

Read how this product eliminates fish odor.