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Odor Control Products
BG-Clean 1106

BG-Clean 1106

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Liquid odor control product for general purpose odor control. Works great on a wide variety of organic odors from industrial waste to general household applications.

Ordering Information: Product can be ordered in volumes of 5 gallons or 55 gallons. For larger quantities, please call 855-428-2436 for a quote.  Appropriate sales tax and shipping charges will be added to the order. Industrial Waste Odor Control

Download the BG-Clean™1106 Brochure
Product Details: BG-Clean™1106 (OdorBlock™), the Ultimate Odor Control Product, is a revolutionary new product for controlling both casual and persistent odors. It is ideal for eliminating odors resulting from fires and floods. Further, it can be used for food processing activities, sanitation, and routine odor elimination. OdorBlock does more than simply "mask" odors, it forms a stable complex with the offensive compounds locking the offensive gases within before they can form.

OdorBlock™ meets the need for an environmentally safe and effective odor control product with superior odor fighting capabilities.

OdorBlock™ offers significant advantages compared to other odor products including:

  • OdorBlock™ can be used to eliminate odors from: homes damaged by flood or fire, self contained toilets, garbage containers, storage tanks, automobiles, etc...
  • OdorBlock™ can be diluted many times with water to extend product life.
  • OdorBlock™ is safe to store, handle, and use and is 100% biodegradeable.
  • OdorBlock™ is fast acting and easy to apply.
  • OdorBlock™ does not simply mask odors like other products. It actually bonds with the organic molecules to form a stable complex and neutralize the odor.