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Aqueous Based Multi-Use Cleaners
BG-Clean 608

BG-Clean 608

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Heavy Use Commercial General Purpose CleanerGeneral purpose cleaner for cleaning hard surfaces by hand. Great for tools, commercial heavy use areas, etc.

Ordering Information: Product can be ordered in volumes of 5 gallons or 55 gallons. For larger quantities, please call 855-428-2436 for a quote.  Appropriate sales tax and shipping charges will be added to the order.

Download the BG-Clean™ 608 Brochure

Read U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Product Approval >

Product Details: BG-Clean™ 608 is a concentrated, multi-purpose industrial formula for cleaning by hand. It is highly effective on a range of hard surfaces and can be used for general cleaning of tools, garages, restrooms, office buildings and many other commercial heavy use area. It contains no hazardous components, can be diluted up to 20 times, and is easy to apply. 

BG-Clean™ 608 offers concentrated cleaning power without the hazards and regulatory headaches associated with other cleaners.

BG-Clean™ 608 offers significant advantages compared to other cleaners including:

  • BG-Clean™ 608 is fast and effective on a wide range of contaminants.
  • BG-Clean™ 608 is pH neutral and non-abrasive to the surfaces it cleans.
  • BG-Clean™ 608 can be easily applied by hand and does not require mechanical manipulation to be effective. Simply spray on and wipe off.
  • BG-Clean™ 608 is safe to store, handle, and use, and is 100% rapidly biodegradable.
  • BG-Clean™ 608 has been tested and approved for use by the USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants.

Product Application: BG-Clean™ 608 can be applied at full strength for extra tough jobs or can be diluted up to 20 times with water for average type jobs.

To dilute, simply mix the concentrate with hot or cold water and it is ready to apply. The product may be applied by spraying or pouring the product on to the soiled surface. Next, allow the product to penetrate for a short period and wipe the surface clean with a rag or mop. The surface will be left clean and smelling fresh. When the product is used in federally inspected meat and poultry plants, application of the product should be followed by a potable water rinse.