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Solvents for Multi-Use Applications
BG-Solv 715T

BG-Solv 715T

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Strong cleaner/degreaser designed to soften/clean oil based sludges which accumulate in tank bottoms, piping, sewers, etc.

Ordering Information: Product can be ordered in volumes of 5 gallons or 55 gallons. For larger quantities, please call 855-428-2436 for a quote. Appropriate sales tax and shipping charges will be added to the order. Strong Degreaser For Oil Based Sludge

Download the BG-Solv™ 715 brochure 

Product Details: BG-Solv™ 715 is a strong blend of surfactants designed to soften oil based sludges which have accumulated in tank bottoms, piping, sewers, and similar situations. The product penetrates and softens weathered hydrocarbons, waxy crude oils, coal tar buildup, and other petroleum based sludges so they may be easily removed. It may also be used to help release blockages in piping.

Whether it's petroleum sludge in a 20 year old storage tank or a blockage in your piping, BG-Solv™ 715 offers a fast acting, yet cost effective solution.

BG-Solv™ 715 offers significant advantages compared to other cleaners including:

  • BG-Solv™ 715 is fast and effective on a wide range of contaminants.
  • BG-Solv™ 715 is available in a range of different formulations including formulas for rapid liquefication, penetration, and highly sensitive environmental areas.
  • The sludge and chemical recovered after a BG-Solv™ 715 application often have a beneficial re-use application.
  • BG-Solv™ 715 is safe to store, handle and use, and is 100% biodegradable.
  • BG-Solv™ 715 does not contain petroleum distillates.
  • BG-Solv™ 715 works over a wide range of temperatures.

Product Application
BG-Solv™ 715 should be applied at full strength to the area of concern. Apply the product with a garden type sprayer for smaller applications, or simply pour it directly over the area to be treated for larger applications.

To liquefy sludges, spray or pour an amount of BG-Solv™ 715 equal to 25% to 40% of the volume of sludge to be liquefied. For softening sludges apply an amount of chemical equal to approximately 10% to 40% of the volume of sludge to be softened. e.g. To liquefy 100 gallons of an average petroleum based sludge, add approximately 30 gallons (30% by volume) of BG-Solv™ 715. Allow the solution to penetrate for 30 minutes to 4 hours then agitate and pump or dispose of the sludge.