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Biodegradation Aid > BG-BioEnhancer 850 Series

Product brochure

The BG-BioEnhancer™ 850 series of products consist of proprietary mixtures of organic and
inorganic nutrition formulated specifically for speeding the biodegradation of organic
contaminants such as diesel fuel, PAHs/BTEX, and halogenated hydrocarbons in active aerobic
microbial environments. The products provide fast, reliable, cost effective, proven solutions.
They are effective across a variety of environmental conditions and have been successfully used to treat sites ranging from the relatively calm conditions of the Texas oil fields to the brutal conditions of Alaska’s North Slope.

The BG-BioEnhancer™ 850 series of products put the power of nature to work using natural bioaugmentation to help speed the biodegradation and removal of a wide range of contaminants.

BG-BioEnhancer™ 850 series products offer significant advantages to users including:

  • Effective removal of a wide range of hydrocarbon contaminants.
  • Dramatically accelerated biodegradation rates without adding additional microbes.
  • Works great under a variety of conditions effectively handling a large range of
    contaminants, contaminant levels, soil types, and temperature ranges.
  • Reduces labor costs and easy to use with no special equipment needed to apply.
  • Made from high quality ingredients and safe to store, handle, and use.

Product Application
The BG-BioEnhancer™ 850 series is available in 4 standard concentrations: 850, 850-1, 850-2, and 850-3. Each concentration is designed to treat a progressively more difficult series of organic contaminants. Usage rates will vary from application to application but in general approximately ½ pound of powder treats 30,000-40,000 ppm of contamination in one cubic yard of soil. Repeat as necessary. Wear gloves and safety glasses during use. Other special protective clothing is not required. Follow good work practices.

Ingredients: Organic and inorganic nutrition and stabilizing agents. Contains no harmful chemicals.