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Economical odor elimination with the added benefit of strong liquefying power > BG-Clean 1103LH

Product Testimonial Strong Odor Remover
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BG-Clean™ 1103LH offers an effective and economical solution to odor control problems posed by animal farms. Its powerful formulation of strong oxidizing agents and protein-based encapsulating materials actually bond odor causing gases such as H2S within organic molecules. The effect of this is that the pollutants are no longer airborne and thus cannot be detected.

BG-Clean™ 1103LH is the new approach to odor control that turns a stinky problem into a positive solution for the user and the environment.

BG-Clean™ 1103LH offers significant benefits compared to other odor products including:

  • BG-Clean™ 1103LH can be used to eliminate odors from hog grow houses and waste lagoons.
  • BG-Clean™ 1103LH is not a masking agent. It encapsulates odors and neutralizes them.
  • BG-Clean™ 1103LH is fast acting and easy to apply.
  • BG-Clean™ 1103LH will help to enhance and speed the biodegradation process.
  • BG-Clean™ 1103LH helps to liquefy manure making it easier to clean while also reducing blockages in piping.
  • BG-Clean™ 1103LH is safe to store, handle, and use and is 100% biodegradable.

Product Application
BG-Clean™ 1103LH is a white powder designed to eliminate hog odors from grow houses and waste lagoons. Application of the product is determined based on the number of hogs in the house, the age of the hogs, and the application system being used.

In general, BG-Clean™ 1103LH should be diluted into the system's flush water and then sprayed or flushed over the offending manure as required. Fresh waste will require fresh treatment and conditions will vary to determine when flush cycles are required. During initial use of the product, the user will likely require more product that normal while the problem is brought under control.