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Multi-purpose cleaner > BG-Clean 648

Product brochure

BG-Clean™ 648 is a multi-purpose industrial cleaner for removal of oil, grease, dirt, sludge, gum, mastiks, and tar. It is designed to prelace petroleum based solvents and harsh citrus cleaners. 648 offers better cleaning ability without sacrificing health and safety concerns. It is non-corrosive, rapidly biodegradable, has no unpleasant odors, and is safe to store, handle, and use.

BG-Clean™ 648 will replace your citrus and petroleum based cleaner and perform the jobs better, safer, and at a lower cost.

BG-Clean™ 648 offers significant advantages compared to other cleaners including:

  • BG-Clean™ 648 is highly effective on a wide range of contaminants including: oil, grease, dirt, sludge, mastik, gum, and tar.
  • BG-Clean™ 648 works quickly and in many cases instantaneously to clean dirt and oil from soiled surfaces.
  • BG-Clean™ 648 is safe to store, handle, and use and in 100% rapidly biodegradable.
  • BG-Clean™ 648 is very cost effective and can be reused in many applications.
  • BG-Clean™ 648 can be applied by hand, power washer, or parts washer.
  • BG-Clean™ 648 is 100% water soluble and may be diluted prior to use.

Product Application
Use BG-Clean™ 648 at a 2% to 5% dilution when applied to oil, grease, and dirt by high pressure. When applying the product by hand, use stronger concentrations. For removal of mastik, tar and gum, dilute with equal parts of water or use at full strength. For dip tank cleaning and part washer applications, use a 10% to 15% concentration with water.

Once the product has been applied it should be allowed to penetrate for a short period of time. This will allow it to loosen any contaminates prior to removal. Next, the surface should be agitated with a brush or high pressure water. Last, the surface should be rinsed clean (hot water improves efficiency) and the process repeated as necessary.