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Degreaser and Cleaner > BG-Clean 687

Product brochure

BG-Clean™ 687 is an aqueous industrial degreaser and cleaner specifically designed for cleaning dirty engine parts. It works quickly to remove and soften these materials from hard surfaces such as metals and plastics. The product is simple to use and apply and does not contain any hazardous or undesirable ingredients.

BG-Clean™ 687 is an innovative blend of user-friendly chemicals that combine to create unmatched aqueous cleaning solution that is both economical and effective.

BG-Clean™ 687 offers significant advantages compared to other cleaners including:

  • BG-Clean™ 687 is an aqueous based product and contains little to no hazardous VOCs making it friendly to both the user and the environment.
  • BG-Clean™ 687 is effective in both hot and cold working conditions.
  • Surfaces treated with BG-Clean 687 will rinse clean with water alone.
  • BG-Clean™ 687 is not a petroleum distallates based product.
  • BG-Clean™ 687 is safe to store, handle, and use and is 100% rapidly biodegradeable.
  • BG-Clean™ 687 can be diluted up to 95% with water.

Product Application
BG-Clean™ 687 should be diltued with from 5 to 20 parts water. Warm water will increase
effectiveness. For heavier applications apply at higher concentration; for lighter applications
apply in higher dilutions. Solution may be applied by hand, mechanical washer, or
garden type sprayer. Allow BG-Clean™ 687 to penetrate for 1 to 5 minutes depending on the difficulty of the job. Next, wipe the area clean with a rag and rinse the surface with water (hot water rinse (100-130F) will improve cleaning efficiency.) Thoroughly dry the cleaned metal surfaces to prevent flash rust. Repeat as necessary.