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High Penetration Concrete Cleaner > BG-Solv 760

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BG-Solv™ 760 is an environmentally safe, user friendly, 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, and non-hazardous cleaner that penetrates deeply into unsealed concrete causing the embedded oils to be released and displaced to the surface. It can clean oil, grease, PCB's and other petroleum contaminates out of stained concrete and can be used as a degreaser for other hard surfaces.

BG-Solv™ 760 doesn't simply provide a surface cleaning, but actually removes embedded oils from deep within the concrete.

BG-Solv™ 760 offers significant advantages compared to other cleaners including:

  • BG-Solv™ 760 penetrates deep into the concrete and removes the contaminates from within, bringing them to the surface for easy removal.
  • BG-Solv™ 760 is safe to store, handle, and use and is 100% rapidly biodegradable.
  • BG-Solv™ 760 is fast and effective on a range of contaminants including PCBs.
  • BG-Solv™ 760 can be applied by hand or in conjunction with power washers.
  • BG-Solv™ 760 will reduce property and workplace liabilities related to contaminated concrete.
  • BG-Solv™ 760 will reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Product Application
Remove any heavy buildup from the surface to be cleaned. If wager is used during surface preparation, the area must be allowed to dry completely before proceeding. BG-Solv™ 760 should be applied undiluted with a sprayer (garden or spray bottle) to individual concrete stains. For large areas use a pressure washer.

Allow the treated area to soak for 5 to 30 minutes and then rinse the surface with water. Hot water under pressure will improve cleaning efficiency.

Use absorbent materials or a wet vacuum to contain the water and oil. BG-Solv™ 760 will leave behind a protective layer that will inhibit oil from re-penetrating, resulting in less frequent future applications. Re-treat as necessary.