Amiran BioChemicals

    Oil & grease from surface
Scuffed Tile
General purpose cleaner
Asphalt remover
Oil on concrete surface
Tough grease remover
Wastewater odor
Fire odor removal
Smoke odor remover
Pet odor remover
Sludge softner
Garbage can odor
Fish odor


Biodegradable Degreaser

Biogradeable degreaserThe table below includes a short description of our powerful degreasers.
All of our degreasers are very effective and are safe to handle, rapidly biodegradable, and produce no noxious fumes or gases.

Cleaning Product Industries
BG-Clean™ 401

Oil spill response and degreaser - cleans spills caused by crude oils, gasoline, and other hydrocarbons. It is suitable for use on a variety of surfaces including metals, rocks, concrete, soils, and water.
BG-Clean™ 406

Heavy and weathered oil cleaner - industrial cleaner and degreaser that cleans all kinds of oils, including weathered and hardened oils from bare metal, tile, and concrete surfaces.
BG-Clean™ 636

Animal fats and grease cleaner - tackles the toughest grease and fat leaving no residue, hazardous effluent or noxious odors to deal with later.
BG-Clean™ 648

High penetration surface cleaner - rapidly biodegradable multi-purpose industrial cleaner for removal of oil, grease, dirt, sludge, gum, mastiks and tar. Replaces citrus and petroleum based cleaners.
BG-Clean™ 656

Degreaser and glass cleaner - cleans the most difficult dirt and greases off glass, metal and other hard surfaces. Highly effective, dries rapidly and leaves no streaks.

BG-Clean™ 687

Engine parts degreaser and cleaner - specifically designed to cleaning dirt engine parts.