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Scuffed Tile
General purpose cleaner
Asphalt remover
Oil on concrete surface
Tough grease remover
Wastewater odor
Fire odor removal
Smoke odor remover
Pet odor remover
Sludge softner
Garbage can odor
Fish odor


Home Cleaning Products

Amiran BioChemicals has many environmentally friendly cleaning products for the consumer market including an odor remover, an asphalt cleaner and a concrete stain remover. We also have a complete line up of surface cleaners including a glass cleaner, general purpose cleanerbathroom cleaner and a kitchen degreaser.

Heavy and weathered oil cleaner - industrial cleaner and degreaser that cleans all kinds of oils, including weathered and hardened oils from bare metal, tile, and concrete surfaces. BG-Clean™ 406
General purpose cleaner - offers concentrated cleaning power with out the hazards and regulatory concerns associated with other cleaners. BG-Clean™ 608
Industrial cleaner specifically designed for cleaning asphalt and heavy oil/tar  - innovative blend of user-safe solvents that combine to create unmatched cleaning power for cleaning asphalt and road tar. BG-Clean™ 634
Animal fats and grease cleaner - tackles the toughest grease and fat leaving no residue, hazardous effluent or noxious odors to deal with later. BG-Clean™ 636
Bathroom surfaces cleaner - natural fresh way to cleanse and remove odors from most bathroom surfaces. BG-Clean™ 650
Degreaser and glass cleaner - cleans the most difficult dirt and greases off glass, metal and other hard surfaces. Highly effective, dries rapidly and leaves no streaks. BG-Clean™ 656
Biodegradation aid - consists of proprietary mixtures of organic and inorganic nutrition formulated specifically for speeding the biodegradation of organic contaminants such as diesel fuel, PAHs/BTEX, and halogenated hydrocarbons in active aerobic microbial environments. BG-BioEnhancer™ 850
Product for controlling casual and persistent odors - ideal for eliminating odors caused by fire, flood, self-contained toilets, garbage containers and food processing activities. BG-Clean™ 1106