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    Oil & grease from surface
Scuffed Tile
General purpose cleaner
Asphalt remover
Oil on concrete surface
Tough grease remover
Wastewater odor
Fire odor removal
Smoke odor remover
Pet odor remover
Sludge softner
Garbage can odor
Fish odor


Odor Remover

Environmentally Friendly Odor RemoverBelow is a short description of odor remover products available. The products have many applications in a variety of industries but are particularly useful in eliminating and controlling agricultural odors as well as fire smell removal.   

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Cleaning Product Industries
BG-Clean™ 1103

Wastewater odor control powder - cleans and eliminates foul odors from sewage lagoons, waste treatment facilities, processing plants etc.
BG-Clean™ 1103LH

A new approach to odor control - offers an effective and economical solution to odor control problems posed by animal farms.
BG-Clean™ 1106

Product for controlling casual and persistent odors - ideal for eliminating odors caused by fire, flood, self-contained toilets, garbage containers and food processing activities. Excellent product for fire smell removal.