Amiran BioChemicals

    Oil & grease from surface
Scuffed Tile
General purpose cleaner
Asphalt remover
Oil on concrete surface
Tough grease remover
Wastewater odor
Fire odor removal
Smoke odor remover
Pet odor remover
Sludge softner
Garbage can odor
Fish odor


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Solvents for Multi-Use Applications
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Aqueous Based Multi-Use Cleaners
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Fire Suppressants

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Amiran BioChemicals develops and manufactures industrial cleaning products that are highly effective and have a positive environmental result. Our complete line of green cleaners available for online ordering include Solvents for Multi-Use Applications, Oil Spill Response & Degreasing, Aqueous Based Multi-Use Cleaners and Odor Control Products. The advanced technology behind all of our industrial cleaning products reflects our belief that we are cleaning today for tomorrow.



BG-Solv 760

Price: $257.25

BG-Solv 715T

Price: $315.00

BG-Solv 717

Price: $438.50

BG-Clean 401

Price: $177.38

BG-Clean 402

Price: $183.75

BG-Clean 406

Price: $161.15

BG-Clean 606

Price: $164.75

BG-Clean 608

Price: $135.65

BG-Clean 617

Price: $200.25

BG-Clean 634

Price: $282.75

BG-Clean 636

Price: $211.65

BG-Clean 641L

Price: $115.00

BG-Clean 650

Price: $141.90

BG-Clean 656

Price: $148.15

BG-Clean 1103LH

Price: $465.29

BG-Clean 1103L N E

Price: $445.50

BG-Clean 1106

Price: $177.50